The devastating 28 year civil war in Sri Lanka has become history!  The Sri Lankan government, against all odds and conventional international wisdom, was able to militarily defeat the dreaded LTTE.  In May, 2009, peace returned to a unified Sri Lanka!  The LTTE, claimed by many think tanks and military observers to be the most ruthless and best organized terrorist organization in the world to date and purported to be undefeatable, was decisively crushed by a bold, determined Sri Lankan government and dedicated military. They accomplished what was generally believed internationally to be impossible. The head of the LTTE Tigers was removed permanently and peace now engulfs the entire island.  Peace has returned to this idyllic country after decades of conflict and strife, now making this a wonderful time to discover and explore this exotic, beautifully unique country.  A country now free of violent strife and brimming over with wonder!

I am an American originally from New York, and college educated on the east coast. With over 35 years of firsthand experience of living, working and dealing in Sri Lanka, I can assure you your visit will be safe, productive and highly interesting as you are immersed into the exotic world of gems, at their source!

I have been involved in every aspect of gemology including: designing and running a jungle mining operation; field research for the G.I.A.; contributor to Gems and Gemology magazine; all aspects of analytical field gemology; gem faceting and marketing.

This is a truly unique opportunity to experience the old style British colonial ways in the settings of the gem infested tropical suburbs of Ratnapura.